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Our Mission

JD Prestige offers a full range of maintenance services to ensure the cleanliness and functionality of your premises, whether they are domestic, commercial, institutional, or industrial. Our quality services are ensured through an experienced and competent team.

Whatever the nature of your maintenance needs, we are here to provide reliable and effective, meet your highest requirements in terms of cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Cleaning Services Residential

The services JD Prestige to provide you with a customized support and top of the range for the cleaning and maintenance of your home or apartment. Whether it's a regular intervention to maintain an interior spotless or a one-time service for a special event, our team adapts to your needs.

We understand the varied requirements related to work and family life, that is why our service is designed to match perfectly to your situation, offering a professionalism to the demand for every occasion.

Cleaning Services Post-Construction

With continuous training on the latest technologies in the field of cleaning, post-construction, our team is distinguished by its discretion, adaptation and responsiveness. We assess each project on-site to schedule tasks according to your schedule, offering maximum flexibility.

Our service provides a clean and safe environment, ensuring the health of your employees or customers using procedures that are carefully implemented and proven expertise.

Maintenance of Ventilation Ducts

Strong real expertise, our team is committed to finding practical solutions for the hygiene and the cleaning of the ventilation ducts. We tailor our procedures at each site, with a particular focus on the configuration and the methodology used, while ensuring a full inspection of the network.

We are putting in place effective measures to ensure optimal results, providing a quality service that meets the highest standards in terms of hygiene and safety.

Cleaning a Wall mounted air Conditioners

Our services are recognized for their innovative approach to disinfection, cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning, adapted to an optimal maintenance. By going beyond the simple cleaning of filters, our team provides a complete disinfection thanks to innovative equipment.

We ensure that your wall mounted air conditioner is completely free of impurities, ensuring a healthy indoor environment and secure for your comfort and your well-being.

Decontamination of Molds

To prevent potential risks, our team conducts thorough cleaning of the contaminated areas, preventing the spread of spores of bacteria, mold and mildew. We use specific products that are licensed, adapted to each situation, to ensure effective disinfection.

Our experience and expertise ensure reliable results, with a full cleaning, disinfection and decontamination in order to restore a healthy environment and secure in all your spaces.

DEPARTMENT of Environmental Safety

For the demolition, removal, or disposal of hazardous materials, our team has the technical expertise and infrastructure necessary to manage several cleanup projects simultaneously. We work closely with our clients to isolate effectively the areas to be treated.

Our containment systems and negative pressure are meticulously designed to ensure the sealing of the environment cleaned, preventing any spread of contaminated particles on the outside of the box.

Expertise in Foundation

Our service of expertise in foundation offers a detailed assessment of the state of your foundation. Our experts use the advanced techniques to detect cracks and signs of instability, thus ensuring the stability of your structure.

In addition to the inspection of foundations, we also offer solutions waterproofing to protect your building against water infiltration and the potential damage caused by moisture. With our expertise, you can be assured that your foundation is in good hands.

French Drain

Protect your property against moisture problems with our services French drain. Our team uses state of the art techniques to install or repair your system, ensuring the sustainability of your foundation.

We customize each project to meet your specific needs, ensuring the best protection against water ingress and structural damage.

Decontamination Asbestos

Let the decontamination of asbestos to our qualified team. We follow strict protocols and use specialized equipment to safely dispose of the contaminated materials, ensuring the security of your environment.

Whether for a home renovation or commercial, we guarantee a professional job and meets regulatory compliance standards for your peace of mind.

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